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UltimateMama wants you to have fun – Do it Together – Easy, Cute & Cheap Crafts for Kids!

UltimateMama knows that parents always look for
ways to entertain their children without breaking the bank.  Participating in an art project with your
child will not only provide essential bonding time but also offers creative
stimulation for the whole family. 
Whether you have 15 minutes or an hour you can teach your child about
colors, textures, shapes and sizes while creating a wonderful keepsake for all
to enjoy.

UltimateMama encourages you to take a look at the following simple craft ideas that enable families to have fun
together any time of year.

My First Bookmark

Who said bookmarks have to be rectangular?  Have your child decorate colored construction
paper with washable crayons or markers to create their first bookmark.  They could even add some cut-out objects
(stars, hearts, animals, etc.), stickers or glitter to make it extra
special.  Put clear contact paper over
the finished bookmark to preserve your masterpiece.

Lots of Leaves Placemat

Use real or faux leaves to create a rustic placemat for your
family dining table.  Glue leaves on
construction paper, then let it dry. 
Your child could individualize the placement by writing guests’ names on
it.  Finish by covering your leaves with
clear contact paper. 

Countdown to Holiday/Birthday/First Day of School/New
Sibling Chains

Choose two colors of construction paper and cut two inch by
four inch strips.  Create these “chains
of love” by either gluing, taping, or stapling chains in alternate colors to
link them together.  Hang your chain on a
wall, door, chair, or tree.  Your child
can break off one chain a day to countdown to the big event! Do it

Hand it to Me Tree

Create a tree with your child’s handprints for your door or
window.  Trace your child’s handprints on
a piece of construction paper or wrapping paper.  Cut out a bunch of handprints.  Tape the handprints to your door or window in
the shape of a tree.  Or you can even
glue the handprints on cardboard or poster board for a sturdy backing. 

Yummy Licorice Necklace or Bracelet

Making licorice necklaces or bracelets is a fun activity for
the slightly older child.  String the
licorice with pretzels, cereal, crackers or cookies.  Tie the finished product around your child’s neck
or wrist in a knot.  Your child can even
making you a matching one!

Diorama for All Ages

Use your old shoeboxes, tissue boxes or any other boxes to
create a base.  Then let your child’s
creative juices flow to create a whimsical scene using crayons, feathers,
colored construction paper, stickers, glitter, or other art supplies you have
at home.  Youngsters will have fun gluing
objects on while the older children will enjoy making a beautiful background.

Seashell Centerpiece

Your child can practice their counting skills while making
the perfect centerpiece for your table. 
Gather all of your seashells from recent vacations.  Then tell your child to put them into a large
vase one at a time.  Tie a fun ribbon
around the vase to finish it off.

Creepy Cardboard Monsters

Make good use out of your old toilet paper or paper towel
rolls.  Glue fabric or construction paper
to the cardboard roll.  Glue moving eyes
on for a special effect or create eyes with crayons or felt.  Press pipe cleaners through the rolls to
create hair.  Your child will love their
creepy monster!

Wreath for All Seasons

The perfect no-sew, easy to make wreath that looks like it
took hours to create.  Loop an elastic
hair band around a 10 or 12 inch straw ring (keeping the plastic on) for
hanging.  Next, use pinking shears to cut
3 inch squares of your favorite fabric. 
Take a screwdriver and place it in the middle of the fabric square and
poke it into the wreath.  Fill in the
entire wreath.  Decorate the wreath by
clipping on objects or pictures.  Hang it
up indoors or outdoors!

Personalized Photo Frames

Your child can make a fancy personalized frame for their
favorite pictures.  Have your child
decorate construction paper.  Use letter
stickers to create a name or message. 
Tape your child’s favorite photo to the center of the paper.