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Posts tagged ‘engaging children’

UltimateMama wants you to never forget to engage your child (newborn on up) when you are out and about – shopping, driving, walking, inside, outside, etc.  A few tips:

– Always point out interesting sites (buildings, objects, architecture, colors, shapes).  For example, if you see a "star" shape on a building show it to your child and talk about the shape, color, and more. 

– Talk to your child and teach your child while grocery shopping.  Be a Sneaky Teacher and point out the colors and textures of various food items.  For example, show your baby the yellow banana, the red apple, the purple grapes, the orange cheese, the white milk, etc.  Smell the various breads together and discuss the differences.  Encourage your child to use all of their senses!

– Smell the outdoors with your child.  Let your child smell the pretty flowers outside the Doctor's office.  Encourage them to talk about the various textures, colors, and scents of flowers or trees in your yard.  Explore parks with them in a fun manner by taking a drawing pad and letting them sketch their surroundings.