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UltimateMama knows how it is….on a Friday night after working a long week and taking care of the children you are faced with going with your child to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon without a gift for the birthday girl or boy!  The solution:  buy several of the same gender neutral items online in advance!  All you need to do is get a gift bag and some tissue paper and stick the gift inside with a little handmade note card!

UltimateMama loves The Company Store for its colorful towel sets, Lands End for its cute lunch bags and beach towels, and Pottery Barn Kids for its bath or beach cover-ups!  UltimateMama always has a supply of beach towels and lunch bags in colors such as red, green, or yellow in her closet ready to go for any birthday celebration.  And, with some advance planning you can even have the item personalized or monogrammed for a minimal price (Lands End usually charges $5 for example)!

Bottom-line:  STAY organized and BE prepared!  Your child will have the Ultimate Birthday Kids Gift!

UltimateMama wants you to know that the IRS ruled that breast pumps are now tax deductible.

The ruling is in effect for 2010 income taxes so for all you late filers get them in now and take note of this new rule.

As most of you know, UltimateMama is not of fan of loading up on sweets during the holidays.  Instead, UltimateMama advises parents to opt for inexpensive and fun “gifts” for the Easter Basket.  UltimateMama suggests all Easter Bunnies out there to fill their child’s basket with items such as:

– Bubbles

– Princess crowns or wands for the girls

– Toy cars for the boys

– Card games (flash cards, Uno, etc.)

– Fun t-shirts or bathing suits

– Sandals or flip-flops

– Sunglasses

– Cute socks

– Springtime underwear

– Stickers

– Books

– Crayons or markers

– Plastic Easter eggs filled with hair accessories for or little dinosaurs

– Rings or other costume jewelry

– Yo-yos

– Baseballs or tennis balls

– Dried fruit snacks

– Tickets for a special event or sports outing