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UltimateMama had the honor of attending the opening of Chaos Theory Presents Flashpoint:  An Intersection of History, Perseverance, and Joy curated by Joyce Varvatos with Alexandra Hayden. The powerfully visual show is at 112 Hampton Road in Sag Harbor, New York from July 28 until September 2, 2018. Integrating pieces from various artists in different disciplines the exhibit features works by Francesca DiMattio, Friends with You, Dan Life, Susan Tepper, Do Ho Suh, Raul de Nieves, Kim Hyung Dae, Zeus, Lucy Winton, Friends with You/Daniel Jacobs collaboration, Ouattera Watts, Derrick Adams, and Leo Villareal.

The show blends the idea that chaos and order are not always opposed. The end result is a remarkable mix of the two that all will enjoy. Bravo ladies!

UltimateMama will be the first to admit she was never one to jump on the holiday bandwagon and don pink and red at Valentine’s Day or orange and black at Halloween.  As a matter of fact, your UltimateMama used to make fun of such adults.  However, now that UltimateMama is a parent she realizes the importance and fun of getting into the holiday spirit albeit on a conservative basis.

Trust UltimateMama, you will never see her wearing a Mrs. Claus sweater at Christmastime. But, you will see her holiday cheer several times a year!  And, she makes sure her little ones always wear appropriate and cheerful holiday attire.

UltimateMama’s tips for holiday attire for mommy and daddy:

– Valentine’s Day:  Mommy – wear red, pink, or socks with hearts; Daddy – wear a red tie or socks with hearts.

– St. Patrick’s Day:  Mommy – wear a green shirt and/or socks; Daddy – wear a green shirt or tie and/or socks.

– Easter:  Mommy and Daddy will likely don their Sunday best, along with the kiddies.

– 4th of July:  Mommy and Daddy should wear red, white, and blue clothing or items (pins, shirts) with the American flag.

– Halloween:  Mommy – wear orange or black, or socks with pumpkins; Daddy – wear an orange tie with a dark suit, or socks with bats.  Or, you can always dress in costume!

– Chanukkah:  Mommy and Daddy can have fun wearing blue and white or silver at parties.

– Christmas:  Mommy – wear a nice red or green sweater, blouse or turtleneck with fun Christmas tree socks; Daddy – wear a nice red or green sweater, blouse or turtleneck with fun reindeer socks.

*UltimateMama would like to note that mommy could always “glam it up” for the holidays with fun necklaces, bracelets, pins, and scarves. Also, mommy and daddy could wear spirited holiday pajamas, just like the kids!

UltimateMama just found out about an emergency milk relief program that is seeking donor breast milk*.  Of course, you do have to be pre-screened.

If baby can’t get mommy’s milk and caretakers do not have access to clean water (for formula mixing) then safe donor breast milk is an excellent option.

To donate your breast milk to Haiti now or for more information please check out the following sites:

International Breast Milk Project

Human Milk Banking Association of North America or HMBANA

And for those non-lactating folks out there you can always make a monetary donation.

Red Cross

* Disclaimer:  UltimateMama never had an over-abundant supply of milk in her nursing days and has never donated breast milk.  However, if you want to let it all flow out for a good cause then BRAVO to you.

case you are in NYC and free on December 14th……you are invited to attend The
Museum of the City of New York Children's Holiday Party with your family!  Also, please check out the
online auction!

Check it out at

If you haven’t
already ordered tickets, you can do so in any of the following ways:
over the phone by calling 917-492-3327
printing and faxing the reply form
to: 212-427-9300
printing and mailing the reply
form to:
Holiday Party
of the City of New York
1220 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 
It’s going to be a
wonderful party!!

And don’t forget to bid in the Online Auction at — there are wonderful items and fantastic