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UltimateMama loves using laminated learning placemats at mealtime.  A few years ago she found several placemats of US maps, World maps, and US Presidents for sale on Lexington Avenue near a midtown subway station and last night was happy to discover that the placemats can be purchased from Painless Learning.  Check out the website to find numerous placemats including salt water fish, weather, civil war, signers of the constitution, revolutionary war, declaration of independence, ice age mammals, fractions, butterflies, phonics, dogs, rocks & minerals, bugs & insects, great composers, roman numerals, metric system, famous artists, periodic table of elements, and more!

UltimateMama loves to link educational moments with the daily routine of her family.  So, that is why she has implemented a $1 per week chore-based allowance for her 5 year old.  Linking chores and household work to earning money is a terrific way to teach children the value of hard work as well elementary money management.  To earn her one dollar per week, UltimateMama’s oldest daughter has to make her bed each morning, get dressed on her own (UltimateMama lays out her school uniform on weekdays or playtime attire on weekends on her daughter’s nightstand), help with any clean-up efforts surrounding her playtime activities, and remember to take off her shoes at the front door.  After 5 weeks, UltimateMama asks her daughter if she wants to trade her five $1 bills in for a crisp $5 bill.  After 10 weeks, she can trade in for a $10 bill.  And on it goes……. UltimateMama feels that a $1 per week allowance is age appropriate for a 5 year old and will happily re-visit increases as her daughter gets older and responsibilities increase.

UltimateMama teaches her daughter how to earn and manage money while her daughter can save up to buy something valuable — such as a college education 🙂

UltimateMama is pretty sure all of you heard about the recent vote by Rhode Island's Central Falls School Committee to nix every single educator due to the poor performance results of the students. 

UltimateMama just wants to know:  "Now WHAT IS THE PLAN?" and "How is the committee going to SERVE these kids?" Remember, futures are at stake.