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After enjoying several days in Athens, UltimateMama and her family flew directly to Santorini to experience a beautiful Greek island and it did not disappoint.  A few tips for touring Santorini with kids:

– Figure out your transportation in advance. As of June 2018, UltimateMama heard there were less than 40 taxicabs on Santorini which means you will need to lock in a driver (we met a kind one at the airport–luckily) or rent a car (which UltimateMama did not do as Santorini doesn’t have many street signs or street lamps).

-Stay at the Santorini Palace Hotel in Firostefani if you have a family as it offers a great location only few meters away from the cliff of the Caldera and the panoramic view of the volcano.  The pool was excellent, as was the location (a short 10 minute walk to the capital of Santorini, the village of Fira).  Not to mention a full buffet breakfast was included with our booking which made mornings easy for all.

-Walk up the hill and grab a family photograph opportunity with one of Santorini’s most photographed chuches, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, in the background.







-Pamper your family members with some Garra Rufa fish spa therapy at Kissing Fish in Fira.

-Grab some gelato at Crema Latte Gelato in Fira.

-Spend the day at Perivolas Beach, a black sand beach with many amenities. UltimateMama and her family loved eating sushi under beach umbrellas at Sakura.

-Visit the prehistoric town and see the excavations at Akrotiri.  UltimateMama had a guided tour that was extremely informative as we learned about the elaborate drainage system, beautiful artwork, and intricate jewelry of a settlement covered by a volcanic eruption (Thera).







-Explore a traditional village in Santorini.  UltimateMama had a guided tour of Megalochori which had beautiful bell towers and mansions.

-Watch the sunset at Oia, one of the most beautiful places in Santorini.



UltimateMama spent a little time today painting wooden bird figures with her girls! The Kids Made Modern Bird Figure painting kit features artist Charley Harper and is great for all ages.  The kit includes 18 paints and 2 brushes. The only drawback is that after painting 5 birds my kids wanted to do more 🙂



As most of you know, UltimateMama is not of fan of loading up on sweets during the holidays.  Instead, UltimateMama advises parents to opt for inexpensive and fun “gifts” for the Easter Basket.  UltimateMama suggests all Easter Bunnies out there to fill their child’s basket with items such as:

– Bubbles

– Princess crowns or wands for the girls

– Toy cars for the boys

– Card games (flash cards, Uno, etc.)

– Fun t-shirts or bathing suits

– Sandals or flip-flops

– Sunglasses

– Cute socks

– Springtime underwear

– Stickers

– Books

– Crayons or markers

– Plastic Easter eggs filled with hair accessories for or little dinosaurs

– Rings or other costume jewelry

– Yo-yos

– Baseballs or tennis balls

– Dried fruit snacks

– Tickets for a special event or sports outing


Quack, quack!  UltimateMama loves Carter’s cotton clothing items for babies.  For only $8 (from $17) the “I Love Hugs 3 piece Cardigan” gift set is an absolute no-brainer!  Trust UltimateMama, the recipient will LOVE it!



UltimateMama knows that it is not always easy going from bed to school (for drop-off) to work to home.  However, BCBG’s “Dancing Raindrops” Cowl Neck Dress makes looking stylish quite easy not to mention comfortable.  At, $158 at this emerald/white dress is so versatile you can go from a parent-teacher conference straight to dinner with friends. Wear it to a graduation, a wedding rehearsal dinner, a summer cocktail event, or to your child’s spring fun fair!  Not to mention it is quite figure flattering!

UtimateMama picked one up today at NYC’s flagship Bloomingdales retail store for only $60.67 ($158 originally on sale for $75.84 then discounted to $60.67 with an additional 20% off coupon)!  Buy one and you will be one hot UltimateMama!

UltimateMama loves getting a bang for her buck with this multi-purpose dress! Bcbg


Your mommy brought you in to this world!  Show her some appreciation by making Mother’s Day 2010 extra special.

Have you thought about what you are getting your Mother on Sunday? UltimateMama wants to provide you with a list of the top Mother’s Day gifts for 2010 (in no particular order):

– flowers

– a meal out (breakfast, lunch or dinner)

– prepare mom a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner)

– perfume

– a spa certificate (manicure, pedicure, massage, etc)

– candles

– new purse or wallet

– new scarf

– jewelry

– engraved picture frame of the family:  Things Remembered offers nice silver plated frames starting around $25 

– tickets to a musical, sporting event, movie

– stored value gift card to her favorite retailer or restaurant

– Chocolate or something sweet

– Handmade (by her children) card

– A poem or art project (by her children)

– Books

– Sporting goods (new tennis balls, golf balls, swimsuit)

– personalized gifts (towels, bath robes, jewelry boxes, charms, necklaces, keychains, etc.)

– photos (in books, albums, frames, or totes). Check out this super-cute photo collage tote for $49.95 from Red Envelope.


– Make her a gift basket of her favorite gourmet treats


UltimateMama wants you to run to Target right now during its Swimwear Sale (in stores and online) for boys and girls of all ages (infants on up).  On swimwear ships for free with a $50 order.

UltimateMama bought her little ones bathing suits on sale for $8 each ($9.99 regular price).  With summer around the corner these are perfect for your children!


GiftBasket-Farmers Mkt 6-09
Feeding kids in a nutritious manner does not have to be time-consuming. UltimateMama does not see anything wrong with taking short cuts when it comes to feeding your child. 

From bagged baby carrots to pre-cut fruit to frozen vegetables, you can feed your child heartily and nutritiously in a matter of minutes.  UltimateMama believes that using such short cuts is better than ordering food out for delivery or getting take out. 

Think about it – do you really know what makes take-out broccoli from your local Chinese restaurant or delivered broccoli rabe from your local Italian restaurant taste so good?  Probably not. If you are not preparing the food yourself you really don't know the "extra" ingredients/spices that may be added – sugar, salt, etc. 


UltimateMama just found out about an emergency milk relief program that is seeking donor breast milk*.  Of course, you do have to be pre-screened.

If baby can't get mommy's milk and caretakers do not have access to clean water (for formula mixing) then safe donor breast milk is an excellent option.

To donate your breast milk to Haiti now or for more information please check out the following sites:

International Breast Milk Project

Human Milk Banking Association of North America or HMBANA

And for those non-lactating folks out there you can always make a monetary donation.  

Red Cross

* Disclaimer:  UltimateMama never had an over-abundant supply of milk in her nursing days and has never donated breast milk.  However, if you want to let it all flow out for a good cause then BRAVO to you.


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