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UltimateMama believes that in your child's early days, weeks, months or years you should keep track of their diapers.  Record when your child
urinates or has a soiled diaper. 
Additionally, if there is anything unusual to the child’s patterns then
make additional notes in the log book.

Tell your childcare provider how often to change the child’s diaper.  Also, instruct her to tell you about any
irritations that may have developed. 
Make sure you have an adequate amount of diaper rash cream or ointment
on hand at all times.  If your child has
had issues with diaper rashes then you may want to have a stronger diaper rash
cream or ointment for dealing with rashes. 

UltimateMama will tell you that most mothers or fathers will admit to at least one time in
their child’s lives where they were away from home and did not have the proper
diapering supplies. 

One mother took her child to the zoo and discovered that she
forgot to bring an extra set of clothes. 
Unfortunately, the discovery took place after her child leaked through
her diaper near the zebras.  Luckily, it
was a rather warm day so she was able to put a fresh diaper on her child and
cover her bottom half with a blanket.
UltimateMama wants you to be prepared and avoid these messy situations. 

UltimateMama offers two tips:

1.  Stock:  Keep your diaper bag well
stocked with the necessities. 
2.  Replenish:  Replenish the supplies from your home stash or make a trip to the store for essentials.   

UltimateMama's diaper bag includes the following items.

– child’s emergency contact information sheet (any important personal or health information, phone numbers and addresses of doctors and dentists, etc.)

– diapers in a bag for protection (UltimateMama puts diapers in clear, reusable cosmetic bags to protect against wetness and dust)

– travel size wipes

– diaper cream or ointment

– hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes

– diaper disposal bags (you can purchase environmentally
friendly bags)

– small blanket

– changing pad

– small first aid kit (adhesive bandages as well as
antiseptic wash/ointment)

– small toys or books (teething rings, links, etc.)

– change of clothing (depending on the weather a onesie and
pajamas may do the trick)

– sunscreen

– sunglasses

– hat

– travel size tissues

– travel size petroleum jelly

– burp cloth

– bib

– food or snack in a secure bag or container (for long outings, again UltimateMama likes clear, reusable cosmetic bags)

– bottle or sippy cup and accompanying beverage (water,
milk, formula, juice) in a secure bag 

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