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Did you think it was better to stay at home with your child?  Were you afraid that going back to work would harm your child’s development?  Think again part-time working mothers.

A new study by Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Wen-Jui Han, and Jane Waldfogel of the Teachers College and College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University shows that part-time working mothers and their children fare well!  Read the study entitled “FIRST-YEAR MATERNAL EMPLOYMENT AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT IN THE FIRST 7 YEARS” and go to work guilt-free!

So, you CAN have it ALL!

UltimateMama believes it is important to have at least three levels of back-up
childcare in case your childcare provider cannot work on a day that you or your partner has
an important meeting, presentation, or task. 
Back-up childcare examples may include:

– you

– your partner

– a nearby friend or neighbor

– a close relative

– another nanny or babysitter who has a flexible schedule

– a drop in day care center

Some employers have back-up childcare services available for
families who may find themselves in a pinch. 
You and your partner should check with your firm’s childcare offerings
and policies.  In many situations where
back-up childcare is offered by an employer, the parents must fill out
paperwork in advance to register the child. 
Additionally, the child’s doctor may also have to fill out paperwork to
answer questions relating to the child’s medical history.  Also, keep in mind that the childcare
offering may not be located at your office but a childcare facility in another
location.  Some back-up childcare
facilities are available to families on a first-come, first-serve basis and may
fill up quickly.  Make sure that you know
all the rules concerning your firm’s back-up childcare before you need to use
it for your child.