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UltimateMama found the perfect party favors for her child’s first high school tennis match. Teammates were thrilled to get a few nice tennis gifts, including:

Racquet Inc. Tennis Ball Scrunchies

Nike Wristbands

Reusable Tennis Tumbler (personalized)

Hershey’s Kisses with Tennis Stickers (added by UltimateMama)



UltimateMama loves these cute emoji headbands for girls!  Perfect for holiday gifts, birthday gifts, or party favors!  Beautifully crafted with a hip and trendy emoji ribbon bow for  your favorite emoji lover.  Buy your emoji headband on Etsy today before they are gone.



UltimateMama does not believe the tooth fairy should break the bank when flying in to deliver her gift of money to children. She has heard urban legends of NYC tooth fairies gifting kids upwards of $50 per lost tooth! NOT happening at UltimateMama’s house!

The tooth fairy for UltimateMama’s girls leaves a fresh, crisp $2 bill each time she picks up a tooth! The gift of a two dollar bill gives UltimateMama a lot to talk to her girls about in the morning given the rarity of such a bill that has President Thomas Jefferson on its face!

Whether you celebrate Easter, school graduations, birthdays, or any other special occassion this Spring season UltimateMama recommends you create a clever, easy gift basket that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to your budget!

Take a look at these great Ultimate Spring Gift Baskets that contain items such as:

– Fun lace dresses from H&M

Melissa and Doug binoculars

Melissa and Doug painting kits

– Fun jewelry from The Children’s Place

– An egg full of chocolates

With Father’s Day right around the corner UltimateMama offers up a few suggestions for Father’s Day 2011:

– help your child create a paper doll of daddy

– take advantage of the free shipping offer at J.Crew with code: FREESHIP and pick up some blue gingham boxers or nautical socks

– buy him a classic dress shirt with french cuffs from Charles Tyrwhitt (many shirts are reduced to $39 from $139)

– assist your child in the kitchen and offer him a special afternooon snack of manchego cheese with quince paste 

– create a photo memory scrapbook with your child and include tickets from concerts, sporting events, plays, and other excursions

– surprise him with tickets to a baseball game, tennis match, or show

– order a personalized apron for daddy from allheartchefs

– get him a tee time at a GREAT golf course

UltimateMama believes manners should be taught early!  A child is never too young to receive personalized stationary that they can use for “thank you” cards and the like. 

UltimateMama loves for its unique designs for children.  One can personalize folded notes and single page cards with names and eveCheck out the “clearance” section for big savings!

UltimateMama believes that gifts really do not have to be expensive…especially in this tough economy.  Let mommy know how much you appreciate her with one of these inexpensive Ultimate Mother’s Day gifts:

– Balloon bouquet using her favorite colors or the colors of her alma mater (this one would bring a smile the face of any mommy who attended the University of Michigan)

– Homemade card with lots of glitter and sequins

– Handmade coupon book (for breakfast in bed, a tea party, or a back rub)

– Basket of nice smelling hand lotions

– Beaded bracelet or necklace – made by the child

– Fresh flower arrangement or even a silk flower arrangement

– Potted plant

– Vase painted by the children

– Fingerprint art done by the kids

– Shoebox diorama made by the little ones of mommy’s favorite city or top vacation destination (just cut out pictures from magazines or newspapers and glue them on an old shoebox)

– Photo gifts such as key chains, mouse pads, tote bags, calendars, books, puzzles, posters, etc.

– Story books written and illustrated by the little ones

UltimateMama knows how it is….on a Friday night after working a long week and taking care of the children you are faced with going with your child to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon without a gift for the birthday girl or boy!  The solution:  buy several of the same gender neutral items online in advance!  All you need to do is get a gift bag and some tissue paper and stick the gift inside with a little handmade note card!

UltimateMama loves The Company Store for its colorful towel sets, Lands End for its cute lunch bags and beach towels, and Pottery Barn Kids for its bath or beach cover-ups!  UltimateMama always has a supply of beach towels and lunch bags in colors such as red, green, or yellow in her closet ready to go for any birthday celebration.  And, with some advance planning you can even have the item personalized or monogrammed for a minimal price (Lands End usually charges $5 for example)!

Bottom-line:  STAY organized and BE prepared!  Your child will have the Ultimate Birthday Kids Gift!

UltimateMama has a few ideas for gifts your little ones can give daddy this Valentine’s Day — Monday, February 14th 2011!

– Socks (UltimateMama loves socks from Patagoina)

– Chocolate

– Ties

– Heart boxer shorts

– A homemade book from Scribble Press

– Custom photo gifts

– A handmade coupon book

UltimateMama has a great tip for all of you late to the game in the Father’s Day gift buying department – FRAME YOUR CHILD’s ARTWORK!  It is fun, easy, and inexpensive!  And, daddy will love it. 

To do:

1. Find your child’s best masterpiece – a family picture she drew with colored pencils, handprints from paint, a scenic landscape done with watercolors, a collage with recycled materials, etc.

2. Pick out a frame (you may have to trim your child’s artwork a bit).

3. Date the artwork on the back and put the name of the child (so he never forgets).

4.  Frame it!