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Head to Old Navy now for Halloween Costumes for under $5!  Pick up a few for next year while you are there. Just picked up a few Old Navy Cupcake costumes yesterday!

UltimateMama is a creature of habit when it comes to certain brands…and she loves Danskin for quality gymnastics leotards for girls. 

Right now, Danskin‘s Girls’ Gymnastics Classics Waterfall Velour High Neck Tank Leotard in green velour is half off – only $12!  Order one online today! Save the rest of your money for gymnastics classes and camp!


UltimateMama wants you to dart to The Children’s Place right now during its Swim and Shorts Sale (in stores and online) for boys and girls of all ages (infants on up).  Use your The Children’s Place  Summer Pass to get an extra 15% off (valid April 8 thru May 12, 2010).  

UltimateMama just went this morning and stocked up on swimsuits for her little one!  At $8.50 each ($10 sale price plus 15% off with Summer Pass), that is a deal she couldn’t pass up…especially with summer around the corner!

UltimateMama feels like this is really the winter that is never going to end.  Your UltimateMama recently did some pre-spring cleaning and donated many sweaters that were far too trendy to be worn by someone in their mid-30s to Housing Works.  An impending snowstorm as well as an upcoming business trip to Philadelphia inspired UltimateMama to do a little shopping…at one of her favorite LITTLE boutiques on Manhattan's Upper East Side (1008 Lexington Avenue at East 72nd Street to be exact) called J.McLaughlin.  It is a gem of a store complete with many clothing jewels as a 75% off sale is currently in progress. Out of area shoppers can log onto J.McLaughlin.comand find wonderful, classic, American clothing at steep discounts as well.  *NOTE:  MANY ITEMS ONLINE ARE FINAL SALE!

UltimateMama is always on the move so she tries to dress in a comfortable yet stylish fashion.  She loves to have items in her wardrobe that allow her to go from dropping her daughter off at school to catching a business meeting to grabbing lunch with colleagues to brainstorming with associates to shopping for groceries at Citarella to playing with her kids.  J.McLaughlin clothing never lets her down.  In all honesty, J.McLaughlin clothing makes UltimateMama look like she had more than 10 minutes to get herself ready in the morning!  

A few super deals at J.McLaughlin include:

The Sloane Crewneck Cardigan which at $39.90 from $148 originally (73% off for all you math majors) is such a steal that UltimateMama purchased two (one in Heather Camel and one in Heather Chambray)

– The Mariel Silk Georgette Blousein lagoon/gold at $39.90 from $185 originally (78% off for all keeping track) is another closet staple that UltimateMama adores (and now owns)!


UltimateMama will run to the Gap with her 25% off coupon this weekend to take a look at their new Spring collection.  She's sure she'll find something for the kids to wear to Florida for their March break.  Why she may even buy a new outfit for herself!  

Take a look at this 25% off coupon for clothing at the Gap in the next few days!  

UltimateMama never thought of herself as the type who would ever dress her children as a "mini-me" or like herself.  However, she realizes she is falling into that trap.  After perusing her oldest child's closet this weekend she realized that she was creating a "mini-me" – at least in terms of apparel.  From khaki cords to Patagonia fleece jackets to Speedo bathing suits to Keen footwear, UltimateMama discovered that her daughter's wardrobe matches her own.  Call it yearning for comfort, call it aiming for classic style, but whatever you call it mommy and daughter are twins.

For look alike khaki cords for girls check out Hanna Andersson comfort cords ($16 now from $38).

UltimateMama has killer Dolce and Gabbana heels that she loves to wear.  Killer in both sense of style and destruction to her back.  She also loves doing a morning dance to get into her Banana Republic skinny cords. 

However, when it comes to dressing her children UltimateMama is all about comfort!  Do NOT sacrifice your child's comfort or maneuverability for fashion.  Kids do not have to be victims to high fashion.  Buying skinny jeans may not be a wise move for an active toddler who loves to play on the monkey bars.  Likewise for any sort of children's shoe with a heel on it!  Have some common sense and think about your child's happiness when it comes to fashion. Put substance over style.


UltimateMama wants you to shop NOW for next winter.  That is right – shop in January for the November 2010-March 2011 season. If you have young children they will not be bothered that they are wearing last season's fashions so get over it and save a buck buy shoping the clearance racks and websites! 

UltimateMama was able to pick up mittens for her youngest daughter for next season for only $2.49 (from over $7.00 originally) at The Children's Place.  UltimateMama noticed hats, scarves, snow bib overalls, coats, and more at The Gap at huge discounts (plus an additional 20% off all reduced items). 

Once again, Hanna Andersson came out with a huge sale on winter jackets, overalls, and accessories.  UltimateMama picked up two jackets for her oldest daughter at over 70% off!