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UltimateMama wants you to shop NOW for next winter.  That is right – shop in January for the November 2010-March 2011 season. If you have young children they will not be bothered that they are wearing last season's fashions so get over it and save a buck buy shoping the clearance racks and websites! 

UltimateMama was able to pick up mittens for her youngest daughter for next season for only $2.49 (from over $7.00 originally) at The Children's Place.  UltimateMama noticed hats, scarves, snow bib overalls, coats, and more at The Gap at huge discounts (plus an additional 20% off all reduced items). 

Once again, Hanna Andersson came out with a huge sale on winter jackets, overalls, and accessories.  UltimateMama picked up two jackets for her oldest daughter at over 70% off!   

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