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BUY CLOTHING AHEAD FOR YOUR CHILDREN! You will thank UltimateMama later as this practice will save you MONEY and TIME. As my loyal followers know, UltimateMama is a huge fan of stocking up now (in January) for next winter season (Dec 2011/Jan-Feb 2012).  One can find the Internet and many retail clothing stores for kids chock full of deals right now. 

Some wonderful deals for girls and boys can be discovered on Rugged Bear’s website!  Gloves, mittens, sweaters, cords, jackets, snowsuits, snow pants, boots, neck gaiters, hats, and more can be found for up to 80% off!

Also, as always, my beloved Hanna Andersson has some terrific steals, including their ever popular “Journey’s End” jacket which is now $40 from $98! Such a great deal I picked up TWO!

Go to the Gap for great deals on a scarf for your little one! UltimateMama bought three last week for under $3 each! With the code: GAPSALE30 one can take an extra 30% off online purchases now.

UltimateMama never thought of herself as the type who would ever dress her children as a "mini-me" or like herself.  However, she realizes she is falling into that trap.  After perusing her oldest child's closet this weekend she realized that she was creating a "mini-me" – at least in terms of apparel.  From khaki cords to Patagonia fleece jackets to Speedo bathing suits to Keen footwear, UltimateMama discovered that her daughter's wardrobe matches her own.  Call it yearning for comfort, call it aiming for classic style, but whatever you call it mommy and daughter are twins.

For look alike khaki cords for girls check out Hanna Andersson comfort cords ($16 now from $38).

UltimateMama wants you to shop NOW for next winter.  That is right – shop in January for the November 2010-March 2011 season. If you have young children they will not be bothered that they are wearing last season's fashions so get over it and save a buck buy shoping the clearance racks and websites! 

UltimateMama was able to pick up mittens for her youngest daughter for next season for only $2.49 (from over $7.00 originally) at The Children's Place.  UltimateMama noticed hats, scarves, snow bib overalls, coats, and more at The Gap at huge discounts (plus an additional 20% off all reduced items). 

Once again, Hanna Andersson came out with a huge sale on winter jackets, overalls, and accessories.  UltimateMama picked up two jackets for her oldest daughter at over 70% off!