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UltimateMama is a huge fan of Calypso St. Barth clothing and accessories.  UltimateMama especially loves me some tunics and dresses from Calypso! 

So, imagine UltimateMama’s delight when Target began offering the Calypso St. Barth for Target collection.  This budget-friendly collection features beautiful dresses, tunics, bathing suits, totes, scarves, shirts, shoes, and more at prices that will make any wallet happy. Additionally, the Calypso line is also available for girls at Target.  

Pick up some cute, reasonably-priced mommy and me summer outfits at Target today!

UltimateMama believes manners should be taught early!  A child is never too young to receive personalized stationary that they can use for “thank you” cards and the like. 

UltimateMama loves for its unique designs for children.  One can personalize folded notes and single page cards with names and eveCheck out the “clearance” section for big savings!

UltimateMama knows how hard it can be to “cook” with youngsters so she suggests creating a colorful, fun, and easy berry fruit salad together!  One can teach their children the various colors, shapes, and tastes of fruit while encouraging them to be creative in the kitchen. 

Even those who fear the kitchen can help their children make this easy fruit salad.  So, don an apron and try some of these ingredients (remember to cut fruit for your little children to avoid choking hazards):

– strawberries

– raspberries (red and golden yellow)

– blueberries

– blackberries

Rinse the fruit, separate the fruit into various bowls, and have your children pour the fruit into one big bowl!  This is a perfect Mother’s Day breakfast treat too!

UltimateMama loves to dye eggs…and wants you all to know that egg decorating is not just for Easter! 

Take advantage of post-Easter sales at your local drug stores or grocers and stock up on egg dye or decorating kits.  UltimateMama loves to buy a bunch of PAAS dye kits and save them for a rainy day — literally! 

Your kids will be so surprised when you bring out the egg decorating kits when they least expect it…and you will have fun too!

UltimateMama believes that gifts really do not have to be expensive…especially in this tough economy.  Let mommy know how much you appreciate her with one of these inexpensive Ultimate Mother’s Day gifts:

– Balloon bouquet using her favorite colors or the colors of her alma mater (this one would bring a smile the face of any mommy who attended the University of Michigan)

– Homemade card with lots of glitter and sequins

– Handmade coupon book (for breakfast in bed, a tea party, or a back rub)

– Basket of nice smelling hand lotions

– Beaded bracelet or necklace – made by the child

– Fresh flower arrangement or even a silk flower arrangement

– Potted plant

– Vase painted by the children

– Fingerprint art done by the kids

– Shoebox diorama made by the little ones of mommy’s favorite city or top vacation destination (just cut out pictures from magazines or newspapers and glue them on an old shoebox)

– Photo gifts such as key chains, mouse pads, tote bags, calendars, books, puzzles, posters, etc.

– Story books written and illustrated by the little ones