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UltimateMama feels like this is really the winter that is never going to end.  Your UltimateMama recently did some pre-spring cleaning and donated many sweaters that were far too trendy to be worn by someone in their mid-30s to Housing Works.  An impending snowstorm as well as an upcoming business trip to Philadelphia inspired UltimateMama to do a little shopping…at one of her favorite LITTLE boutiques on Manhattan's Upper East Side (1008 Lexington Avenue at East 72nd Street to be exact) called J.McLaughlin.  It is a gem of a store complete with many clothing jewels as a 75% off sale is currently in progress. Out of area shoppers can log onto J.McLaughlin.comand find wonderful, classic, American clothing at steep discounts as well.  *NOTE:  MANY ITEMS ONLINE ARE FINAL SALE!

UltimateMama is always on the move so she tries to dress in a comfortable yet stylish fashion.  She loves to have items in her wardrobe that allow her to go from dropping her daughter off at school to catching a business meeting to grabbing lunch with colleagues to brainstorming with associates to shopping for groceries at Citarella to playing with her kids.  J.McLaughlin clothing never lets her down.  In all honesty, J.McLaughlin clothing makes UltimateMama look like she had more than 10 minutes to get herself ready in the morning!  

A few super deals at J.McLaughlin include:

The Sloane Crewneck Cardigan which at $39.90 from $148 originally (73% off for all you math majors) is such a steal that UltimateMama purchased two (one in Heather Camel and one in Heather Chambray)

– The Mariel Silk Georgette Blousein lagoon/gold at $39.90 from $185 originally (78% off for all keeping track) is another closet staple that UltimateMama adores (and now owns)!


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