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UltimateMama will be the first to admit she was never one to jump on the holiday bandwagon and don pink and red at Valentine’s Day or orange and black at Halloween.  As a matter of fact, your UltimateMama used to make fun of such adults.  However, now that UltimateMama is a parent she realizes the importance and fun of getting into the holiday spirit albeit on a conservative basis.

Trust UltimateMama, you will never see her wearing a Mrs. Claus sweater at Christmastime. But, you will see her holiday cheer several times a year!  And, she makes sure her little ones always wear appropriate and cheerful holiday attire.

UltimateMama’s tips for holiday attire for mommy and daddy:

– Valentine’s Day:  Mommy – wear red, pink, or socks with hearts; Daddy – wear a red tie or socks with hearts.

– St. Patrick’s Day:  Mommy – wear a green shirt and/or socks; Daddy – wear a green shirt or tie and/or socks.

– Easter:  Mommy and Daddy will likely don their Sunday best, along with the kiddies.

– 4th of July:  Mommy and Daddy should wear red, white, and blue clothing or items (pins, shirts) with the American flag.

– Halloween:  Mommy – wear orange or black, or socks with pumpkins; Daddy – wear an orange tie with a dark suit, or socks with bats.  Or, you can always dress in costume!

– Chanukkah:  Mommy and Daddy can have fun wearing blue and white or silver at parties.

– Christmas:  Mommy – wear a nice red or green sweater, blouse or turtleneck with fun Christmas tree socks; Daddy – wear a nice red or green sweater, blouse or turtleneck with fun reindeer socks.

*UltimateMama would like to note that mommy could always “glam it up” for the holidays with fun necklaces, bracelets, pins, and scarves. Also, mommy and daddy could wear spirited holiday pajamas, just like the kids!

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