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UltimateMama wants you to dart to The Children’s Place right now during its Swim and Shorts Sale (in stores and online) for boys and girls of all ages (infants on up).  Use your The Children’s Place  Summer Pass to get an extra 15% off (valid April 8 thru May 12, 2010).  

UltimateMama just went this morning and stocked up on swimsuits for her little one!  At $8.50 each ($10 sale price plus 15% off with Summer Pass), that is a deal she couldn’t pass up…especially with summer around the corner!

UltimateMama was just told she was a day late for the spectacular Children's Place sale that is going on right now in stores!  However, she just bought her daughter a "rugby sweater" in blue with multi-colored stripes, a "solid henley sweater" in petal pink and the "favorite jacket" in horizon blue for $3.99 each plus an additional 15% savings with her "Spring Pass" booklet of friends and family coupons!  For all you mathematicians out there, that is right, the final price of each of the three items was $3.40! 

Not to mention the FABULOUS deal that a few mothers of young boys received when they found "3-in-1" multi colored blue/black winter jackets for $9.99 from $59.50 originally (plus they also used their 15% off coupon).  Read my lips (or font in this case), the total cost of the winter jacket was $8.50!

UltimateMama will note that it does not appear to be the same sale ONLINE where prices are higher on most items she evaluated!

UltimateMama's only regret was that she did not know about the MONSTER sale yesterday!