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Posts tagged ‘2010’

UltimateMama believes that the Gymboree rewards card is a no-brainer for those with children.  It is free and offers members special benefits, including:

– access to savings and promotions

– email alerts with discounts (online and in-store)

– $5 certificate for ever 250 points accumulated

– And more!

This weekend, those Gymboree Rewards cardholders get to take an extra 30% off any purchase with the special “Circle of Friends” event.

UltimateMama scored her daughter a leopard pink jumper (100% cotton) today for $3.49 (originally over $30). Now, that is what I call SAVING MONEY!

Go online or to a store and sign up today!

UltimateMama wants you to realize how lucky you are to look down into a baby girl’s eyes and just cuddle her in your arms. You know that you will do your best to mold her to become a strong, educated individual.

Check it out – The Economist (issue March 6th-12th 2010) has a cover story titled “Gendercide – What happened to 100 million baby girls?”

UltimateMama wants to give all of you a nice, big HEADS UP that Patagonia will host its Winterfest sale February 11-16, 2010.  Get ready to stock up on fleece jackets and vests and other fine outerwear!  Shop in stores or online. UltimateMama loves Patagonia and will definitely be online Feb 11th!