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UltimateMama believes that whether your job needs you to stay late or you just want to
have a nice date night with your partner, then you may need a nanny that will
give you additional hours.  If you
require your nanny to work extra hours then compensate her accordingly. 

For example, you may want to consider:

– giving her money for dinner or having dinner available for

– paying for her cab fare home or providing her transportation

– paying her extra money for the special favor

Many nannies appreciate the extra income that is associated
with additional hours.  One mother was
thrilled when her nanny asked for additional hours around the winter holidays
so she could have more money for holiday shopping. The mother was able to
attend holiday parties while the nanny was happy to put in extra hours.  It was a win-win situation!

Just make sure you are not overworking your nanny because
you do not want her to be burned out from taking care of your children!