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Ultimatemama has a question for you.  Do you get excited when you are presented with an unexpected
gift?  Of course you do!  It is always fun to get a little something
when you least expect it. 

So feel free to shower your nanny with a surprise gift once
in a while to reward her for a job well done. 
A little bottle of lotion for Valentine’s Day, a wallet for her
birthday, or a sweater for the holidays would brighten up your nanny’s

You could also have your child present the gift to your
nanny.  By encouraging your child to give
a gift to your nanny UltimateMama believes that you are teaching the child to express gratitude at an
early age.

One mother noticed her nanny loved wearing flip-flops both
inside and outside the house.  So, when
the summertime weather kicked in she gave her nanny a brand new pair of pink
flip flops as a thank you for taking such great care of her child.  A small but sweet gesture. 

Another father observed that his nanny loved to use cotton
reusable shopping bags.  The father often
attended industry conferences as part of his job and bags were given out to
commemorate these events.  After
attending a few conferences, he brought the bags home and presented them to his
nanny to show his appreciation for her efforts.  Again, a little yet nice token. 

Examples of nanny gifts or babysitter rewards may include:

– gift certificates for coffee, meals, books, music,
clothing, movies

– spill-proof beverage containers (that may fit in your car
or stroller holder) 

– clothing items

– scarves

– hats

– sunglasses

– bags, wallets, purses, wristlets

– lotions or soaps

– a framed or gift-wrapped craft project that your child

– photo albums or scrapbooks

– stationary or boxes of cards

– ornaments or holiday decorations

– key chains

– vases

– flowers

– health club memberships

– vouchers for airline tickets

– magazine subscriptions