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UltimateMama knows that whether you work the late shift, travel frequently, or
desire an evening alone with your partner away from home then you may need
overnight childcare services.  If you
believe that overnight childcare assistance will be necessary then ask the
nanny candidate upfront if she is comfortable staying in your home alone with
your child overnight.  If she agrees to
stay overnight then make sure you discuss her expected compensation ahead of time. 

You may want to consider the following:

– Was her overnight work in addition to the regular
childcare hours she works for you? 

– Did you adjust her regular childcare hours for her
overnight work?

– Will you provide additional meals for her such as dinner,
breakfast, and various snacks?

– Is she familiar with your child’s nighttime routine? If
she is not then give her a schedule and any additional information she may
need. Take into consideration bathing, additional feedings, bedtime stories,

– Is she comfortable in your home?  Remember, your big city-living nanny may not
be comfortable sleeping in your home which is in the middle of the woods and
lacks curtains.