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UltimateMama realizes that with the holidays comes lots of quality time with friends.  One can never teach their child manners too early.  UltimateMama helps her young children select and bring a small gift whenever visiting a friend for a long duration or special occasion.  The children present the gift to the hostess or their children upon arrival as a nice way of saying "thank you" for the hospitality or fun time. 

For a Christmas Eve dinner party at a friends apartment, UltimateMama arrived with gourmet food items for the parents while her children presented their friends with short-sleeved shirts for an upcoming vacation to San Juan along with a few books.  

This weekend, UltimateMama's children will be giving a few books and games to friends they are visiting in Connecticut. 

Gifts do not have to be expensive as it is really just meant to be a nice way of encouraging your children to appreciate those who host them in a special way. 

A few ideas for gifts your children can give their mini-hosts or hostesses:

– Books

– Coloring books/crayons

– Stuffed animals

– Washable watercolors, paint, markers

– Something edible

– A hand-made craft

– Pajamas

– T-shirts

– Puzzles

– Games

– Flash Cards

– Cars or trucks

– Hair accessories

– Framed pictures

– Mini photo albums

– Socks, mittens, hats

– Sunglasses

– Bathtub toys

– Balls or other sports accessories

– Sidewalk chalk

– Bubbles