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David Burke's Fishtail is one of UltimateMama's favorite restaurants for lunch in Manhattan.  UltimateMama and her family first visited Fishtail in early September 2009 and revisited it today (December 39, 2009).  Everything was excellent – high chair for the youngest child, service, food, value, and ambiance.  This bi-level restaurant is located in a beautiful townhouse on Manhattan's Upper East Side, not far from Bloomingdales.  UltimateMama's family loves to eat on the second floor. 

Run, do not walk, to Fishtail for their 3 course prix fixe menu for $24.07 (UltimateMama loves the lobster dumplings, roasted branzino, and fishtail fruit bowl) or their special $5 menu (consisting of burgers, tuna burgers, soup, fries, etc.). 

Do not forget to sample the yummy peanut brittle on your way out! 


Fishtail by David Burke

135 East 62nd Street, New York, NY

(Park & Lexington Avenues)

(212) 754-1300