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Posts tagged ‘DIY Centerpieces’

UltimateMama enjoys beautiful centerpieces when she entertains. A quick, easy, and inexpensive do it yourself DIY centerpiece idea is the Floating Candle Centerpiece.

You need:



-Floating Candles



To do:

-Fill the vase with water

-Place the candles in the middle

-Cut stems off flowers and place the brightly colored flowers around the candles


UltimateMama and her kids love to make simple tissue paper floral centerpieces.  Easy, inexpensive, and pretty these paper flower centerpieces are the perfect addition to your dinner table or any party tablescape.  To do:

-Stack 3 sheets of tissue paper on top of each other

-Cut into 12 by 6 inch pieces

-Start with the shorter side and fold into 1 inch accordion folds

-Turn the tissue paper stack over for the next fold, then turn it over for the fold after that

-Take scissors and trim the edges with rounded corners

-Place a green pipe cleaner in the middle of the folded tissue paper strip and twist the pipe cleaner to hold the tissue paper in place

-Carefully peel the tissue paper layers apart

-The “petals” will unfold and you will see it “blossom”