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UltimateMama believes you need to prepare for your baby by at the very least composing a list of baby basics (and some baby luxuries too).

Below please find UltimateMama's baby basics shopping list:

– LOTS of onesies since little babies go through so many in a week (wetting through the diaper, spitting up, etc.)! If you are considering having more than one child in your lifetime you may want to get onesies in a gender neutral color. Also, depending on the time of year your baby is born or where you live you may want to consider buying both short-sleeved and long-sleeved onesies(maybe three of each).  In the early days, UltimateMama liked the long-sleeved Carter's onesies with the little mitten covers so baby can't scratch their face.

– Long
sleeve t-shirts that have snaps to close them (for the first week when
they have the umbilical cord and you don't want to put a onesie on).

– A few nighttime gowns for easy diaper changes when they are
very little and little socks to keep their feet warm.

– Fleece bunting "snowsuit"
that has covers over the hands so you don't need mittens and a hat.
"Jogging sets" or jackets and pants. 

– Lots of 100% cotton PJ's with feet so you do not have to put socks on your baby at night (they sometimes fall off).  Please note: DO take all
of the clothing offered to you since babies grow so quickly and go through so many items of clothing. 

Robeez shoes for babies but do not buy smaller than 6-12 months.  You will like these on your baby's feet when they start scooting, crawling, and standing up.  I have heard that Pediped and
Bobux are also great.  You can buy them on or in baby stores.

– Baby towels and wash cloths.  Remember, you should wash all clothing, blankets,
towels, bibs before you use them.  UltimateMama uses Tide Free for all of her family's laundry needs.  
– Blankets for swaddling the baby in the early weeks.

– Receiving blankets. Make sure they are long enough to swaddle the baby properly. 

– Halo sleepsacks are wonderful but do not buy the fleece sleepsacks until the winter months.  UltimateMama used the sleepsacks after her baby was finished with the "swaddle" stage but before they started to crawl. Once crawling began the baby slept in her footed PJ's and used a Blankeaze on cold nights.  Do not use a blanket or pillow for your baby!

– Car seats are a must for babies.  UltimateMama liked the Graco car seat when the baby was small and the Britax seat once baby got a bit older. 

– UltimateMama bought the Travelmate for airports.

– Carriers are nice to have.  UltimateMama likes the Baby Bjorn as well as the Ergo.

– Graco Pak N Plays are wonderful for travel but make sure to buy extra sheets!

– Cribs are essential and UlimateMama bought the Pali Denise in Cognac because of the solid design and drawer space. 

– Crib mattresses are another thing to research. UltimateMama liked the Colgate mattresses.

– BreastPumps, milk storage bags, nipple cream, nursing bras, breast pads (for disposable pads YOU MUST make sure they have a sticky tape so they stick
to your nursing bra
)Also, buy pajamas
that you can button the top for easy access or buy nursing pajamas! 

– Diapers, wipes, cream or ointment.

Bottles, nipples, bottle
drying rack (UltimateMama likes Prince Lionheart racks), bottle brush.  UltimateMama advises you to
read up on bottles and the Bisphoral A issue.  UltimateMama likes "Born
Free" bottles, nipples, and sippy cups.

– Bibs and burp cloths – lots of them (at least 10 of each, especially if you do not do laundry often)!

– Bouncy seats or swings.  You may need the bouncy
seat OR the swing, not both.

– Stroller and a fleece "Bundle Me' for the stroller if it is cold!

– Sunshade for the stroller as well as rain cover for the stroller too!

– Activity mat with sounds and lights. UltimateMama likes the Gymini Super Deluxe Activity Mat by Tiny Love.

– Mobile

– Extra crib sheets

– Diaper Dekor and refills

– Bath tub and even a travel bath like the Snug Tub Deluxe. UltimateMama liked the Sure Comfort Deluxe bath tub by First Years for an infant bath tub. Note that in the first weeks you sponge bathe your child. 

– Electric outlet plugs in CLEAR (not white).  It is never too early!

– High chair. Years ago UltimateMama bought the Aquarium Healthy Care high chair
by Fisher Price and her second child continues to use it today!

– Thermometer and other first aid supplies.

– Changing pad and at least 2 plush changing pad covers in case one is in the wash. 

– Boppy pillow and 2 Boppy covers for feeding by bottle or breast.

– A little soft brush (you even have to brush babies when they do not have much hair so they don't get "cradle cap").  And a comb.

– Shampoo (Johnson's), lotion (Eucerin), soap (Dove), baby oil for "cradle cap" (Johnson's), Aquaphor healing ointment 


– Manicure kit with a nail file and clippers

– Nasal aspirator 

– Burp cloths

– Diaper bag and stroller diaper bag that you can clip onto the stroller. UltimateMama likes the Skip Hop brand.