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UltimateMama has a big meal tip for you — always have a meal in the freezer that can be easily heated up for a meal the day you return home from vacation travel.  This way, if your flight is delayed or you return home late you have a nutritious meal ready for your family! UltimateMama’s favorite heat and serve meal is meatballs and sauce.  Soups work well too.  Just boil pasta and add cheese on top and your family has a complete lunch or dinner.  No mess, no fuss.

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Feeding kids in a nutritious manner does not have to be time-consuming. UltimateMama does not see anything wrong with taking short cuts when it comes to feeding your child.

From bagged baby carrots to pre-cut fruit to frozen vegetables, you can feed your child heartily and nutritiously in a matter of minutes.  UltimateMama believes that using such short cuts is better than ordering food out for delivery or getting take out.

Think about it – do you really know what makes take-out broccoli from your local Chinese restaurant or delivered broccoli rabe from your local Italian restaurant taste so good?  Probably not. If you are not preparing the food yourself you really don’t know the “extra” ingredients/spices that may be added – sugar, salt, etc.