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UltimateMama’s friend recently lamented a mistake in purchasing costly artwork for her child’s room.  Unfortunately, less than two years after the art was purchased the child labeled it as “babyish” and wanted it off the walls.  UltimateMama has an easy, cost efficient way of decorating bedroom (or bathroom) walls that will bring a smile to any child’s face — use your child’s artwork as the focal point and frame it!

Children have so much pride in their creations.  By displaying their efforts you are showing them that you value their unique, individualized masterpieces.  No matter the age of your child it is highly likely that you can find something they have created that will work well in a frame (sometimes the youngest children create the best abstract art pieces).

Several options exist for framing your child’s art projects.

Of course you can get your child’s artwork matted and framed professionally in a matter of days (or even hours).  The plus with using a professional framing shop is that you will have many options in terms of color, sizes, shapes of both the mats and the frames.  Additionally, if your child’s artwork has a unique shape or multiple dimensions a professional framer may be able to give you some ideas on ways to make it stand out.  One minus is that it may be harder to “update” the artwork if you decide to change the piece you had framed.  Additionally, professional framing comes at a cost (approximately $50 on the low end and a few hundred dollars on the high end).

UltimateMama has both used a professional framer as well as done it herself and was quite pleased with the results of both.  Self framing is quick, easy, and cost efficient.  Also, it allows you to easily swap out last year’s masterpiece for this year’s winner.  UltimateMama loves the Studio Décor frames in white from Michaels.  They are simply, classic, and easy to hang.  Many times, you can purchase one and get the second frame for free which is wonderful if you have multiple children’s rooms to decorate.  Both the land of nod and pottery barn have terrific frames for children too!