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UltimateMama knows that it is not easy to travel by air with young children.  Like adults, children do not like to be confined in uncomfortable seats for countless hours. The key is to minimize your children's shouting, seat kicking, and wiggling so that your family and nearby passengers have a smooth flight.

UltimateMama believes that preparation is the key to successful airline travel for families.  Go shopping a week before your trip and stock up on some fun new toys, books, or snacks for your trip.  Your children will be delighted when their new "presents" are unvealed.    

After many trips, UlitmateMama has found mess free ways to occupy her children and keep nearby passengers happy!  A few tips for you:

– Make sure you bring a variety of snacks for your youngsters (bite size fruit, crackers, etc. 

– Bring a few favorite books

– Pack a small coloring book and washable crayons (UltimateMama loves Crayola products such as the Color Wonder™ Coloring Pads with Color Wonder™ Markers

– Give your children a magnetic doodler or drawing screen with an easy sliding eraser

– Bring some fun stickers and a small reusable sticker book