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Do your
children think cheese only comes in slices between plastic wrap? Then UltimateMama believes that it is
time to introduce your children to the numerous varieties of cheese at your local cheese shop or grocer. Your children may be familiar with American,
Mozzarella, and Parmesan but what about Gouda, Piave Vecchio and Manchego?
Shopping for cheese can be quite
entertaining as well as educating for children of all ages. 

To educate yourself before the big trip go to or I Love Cheese! , a fantastic resource for all things CHEESE!


UltimateMama's tips for
exploring cheese with your children:

– stick to
pasteurized cheeses only

– discuss
the various colors, textures, and shapes

– a little
sometimes goes a long way so do not cringe when you see the price per pound

– bring a
pocket atlas with you and show your children which States or countries the
cheese come from

– ask for
some recipes and try them at home

– host a
cheese taking party for family/friends

– make
cheese baskets

– give gifts of cheese (UltimateMama loves NYC's Murray's Cheese Shop for gifts!)