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As you know, UltimateMama really does love books!  Moreover, UltimateMama loves finding a good deal on books!

UltimateMama's top places for finding books include: 

– The Public Library.  Not only will you find so many great titles at your library but you can read them for FREE!  Many libraries even offer "story times" or special programs for babies, toddlers, and school children. What a great way to introduce your child to the wonders of the library and make friends in the process. If possible, sign up your child for their own library card and teach them about the process of "checking out" or borrowing books that will ultimately be returned.  This is a great life lesson that can be taught to toddlers!

– Thrift shops, garage sales, flea markets, yard sales, school fairs.  All of these places are great for finding books for sale at GREAT PRICES.  UltimateMama regularly finds great books at Goodwill and The Salvation Army.  Keep in mind that these are also terrific places to donate your books when you and your child are through with them!  School book fairs are another excellent resource for picking up terrific books PLUS you can feel good about supporting education as you shop away!, an eBay company, is a wonderful resource for finding both new and used books in excellent condition.  UltimateMama regularly orders books for herself and her children on this website.  Also, if you are buying several of the same book (as a party favor, for instance) this is a terrific place to shop!

ImgHalfLogo_126x54 are all excellent sites for finding books.  A great tip is to sign up for their emails so that you can receive frequent discounts (online and at retail locations)!  UltimateMama also notes that the "brick and mortar" Borders and Barnes & Noble stores usually have special events for children so check out your nearest location or look online for their calendar.  UltimateMama's children loved spending Halloween at Borders this year.  The children donned their finest costurmes and were treated to a "spooky" story and participated in fun games and coloring projects.

– Books not cards.  Typically, a baby shower tradition that is now popping up for holidays and birthdays, Books not cards means that you tell your "guests" to give your child a book instead of spending money on a card.  UltimateMama searched around several bookstores and found many great children's books for $4.99 and under, similar to the price of a greeting card!