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UltimateMama and her kids took advantage of the after holiday sales and purchased Christmas stockings at 75% off and decorated them with Tulip Soft Fabric Paint as well as Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint which can be found 365 days a year.  If painting isn’t really your thing always grab a stencil and make fun trees, snowmen, angels, or even Santa Claus himself. Crayola Fabric Markers can be used to add the finishing touches.  These fun creations are inexpensive and pleasing to the eye and will last you forever…or until next year when your child wants to make a new one!

UltimateMama needed a new summer centerpiece for her dining table this year and wanted something simple, elegant, and modern.  Additionally, she wanted to create it with materials around the house to keep the cost down and wanted her girls involved in the process.  After a 15 minute tour of her craft supply UltimateMama selected the following:

– A glass cube from a flower arrangement that was sent to her earlier in the year

– A bouquet of artificial silk white roses from a bridesmaid’s floral arrangement at UltimateMama’s wedding years ago

– Shells in various sizes and shapes that were bleached/cleaned from last summer

The result:  a fabulous, long lasting, beautiful centerpiece that already received many compliments.  So many in fact that UltimateMama made 2 of them for her long table!

UltimateMama put her girls to work to create the ultimate holiday tablescape with an ocean feel!  Just fill an empty flower vase with bleached shells and you will have the perfect “beach” addition to your festive table.  Kids any age can join in on the fun!

UltimateMama believes the greeting card is (sadly) going the way of the rotary phone.  Still a believer in sending a nice hand written message, it was delightful to discover The Orb Factory Sticky Mosaic Pretty Cards kit for kids.  UltimateMama’s two children had fun creating cards for their friends.  The cards are easy to do (just peel and stick) and they look terrific too.


UltimateMama loves to buy easy to do art kits ahead of long weekends (or potential snowstorms).  Recently, her children had a blast painting and decorating with the Melissa & Doug Sweets Set. At $14.99, the kit offers 3 treats to decorate and UltimateMama promises loads of fun too.


UltimateMama loves re-using old supplies to create something wonderful with her children.  This Ultimate Ribbon Wreath is fun for kids and adults alike.

– Paper plate or Cardboard/Poster-board circle

– Gift
wrapping, ribbons, and/or tissue paper

– Washable glue
or glue stick

To Do:  Pre-cut the wreaths. Kids then
cover the plate with glue or a glue stick. Next, decorate it with pieces of
gift wrap, tissue paper, ribbon, and more.  Punch a hole in the wreath and weave a loop of ribbon to the back to
hang it.

12-6-09 Ribbon Wreath