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Spring has almost sprung and once again daylight savings time is upon us.  Daylight savings time is this weekend – 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 14th to be exact. 

Some kids go with the flow when it comes to a time change. Others may take a few days.  Whatever the case, your child will quickly adjust to the time change.

UltimateMama has a few tips to help your child adjust to their new schedule:

– Routine, routine, routine!  Keep your nighttime routine the same (dinner, bath, brushing teeth, story, bed).

– When your child wakes up on Sunday morning try to keep to the schedule that you had before (for example, keep breakfast at 8 AM if that is your usual eating time).

– If your child doesn’t completely adjust to their new napping time, do not fret because they will within days.  If they are fifteen minutes or half an hour off their usual time that is completely normal.

– Keep your child busy during the day so they are a little extra tired for bedtime (and thus more cooperative!).