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UltimateMama has a phrase of advice for you: KISS (Keep It Seasonal Silly)!  Whether your child is in day care or preschool they will likely need a back-up outfit in case of spills or accidents that most likely remains in a cubby or small storage area.  Remember, to rotate the clothing and accessories with the seasons.  Put the attire and accessories in a nice, compact bag for easy storage. Label everything!

UltimateMama has a checklist for your child's back-up goods:

– Diapers/Wipes/Cream or Underwear or Pull-Ups (depending on your child's age/stage)

– Shoes/Sandals

– Pants/Shorts

– Long sleeve and short sleeve shirt

– Cardigan or sweater

– Socks

– Any emergency aid they need (discuss this with adults in charge)