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UltimateMama loves the idea of creating a group class project at school.  Many schools auction off such projects in school fundraising efforts. 

Below please find a few, fun, easy group projects for your tots:

– Painted Stools or Chairs– Purchase a bare wood step stool at a bare furniture store. When you look at different sizes, make sure the stool could hold enough prints for the class! Paint the stool a cream color or something neutral. Have the teacher or parent helper paint each child's hand or foot a primary or fun color (red, blue, yellow, etc.) and have the kids put their HAND or FEET
prints on the stool.  Use a permanent pen or paint pen and write each student's names under their prints.

– Photo book of the class.  Use an online photo center such as Shutterfly or Kodak and create a photo book of the school year.  Have all parents send in their favorite school-related pictures from the year! 

– Canvas painting.  Buy a large blank canvas at an art supply or craft store and have the students go to town making a
"modern art" project.

– Purchase a plain white ceramic cookie jar (or vase or whatever) and have
the kids decorate it with paint and put their names underneath their
little "paint marks"

– Themed basket — pick a theme like "apples" or "the state you live in" or something and have the kids make items for a gift basket.