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UltimateMama wants you all to know that Mabel’s Labels TagMates are wonderful – simple to create, easy to stick on, and long lasting!  These washer/dryer safe peel and stick labels work well for clothing, stuffed animals, and soft toys.  It is so easy to create them: just enter your name (UltimateMama is a fan of putting the family’s last name so all siblings can use the labels), choose a style, pick a font, and put in our order. Head over to RetailMeNot for additional discounts!  Your child will never lose their sweater again!


UltimateMama is not at all concerned about the Arctic blast coming to NYC this weekend because she is 100% prepared.  By the way, every piece of clothing is labeled with Mabel's Labels.  UltimateMama wants to share her "Ultimate Cold Weather Attire Checklist" for children with you:

– Warm jacket (UltimateMama loves to buy jackets at Hanna Andersson and many of her friends like Lands End and Patagonia for their kids)   

– Snow pants (remember that you do not have to buy matching snow pants; instead chose a solid color that you like OR if you go the matching route make sure to shop for sales)

– Fleece vest (UltimateMama loves Patagonia) vests

- Fleece cardigan jacket for under the main jacket on super cold days  

– Long underwear

- Knee-socks

– Scarf (only if the kids are old enough and BE CAREFUL because scarves are choking hazards; scarves are not mandatory)

– Hat (UltimateMama loves hats from the GAP and Columbia)  

– Mittens and gloves

– Tights (for girls)

– Boots (Ecco boots are great for kids and waterproof!) 

– Turtleneck

– Sweater

– Heavy pants or flannel lined pants

– Leg warmers (UltimateMama loves BabyLegs)