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Take it from UltimateMama, compensation is never a pleasant topic to discuss but if
your nanny or babysitter interview is going well you will want to address it upfront.  You should have an idea of what you are
willing to pay the nanny for their services before you enter these discussions
with them.  Wages vary greatly across
geographic regions so there is no rule of thumb regarding compensation.  If you are unsure what is appropriate pay for
your nanny it is a good idea to ask your close neighbors or family members what
they pay their nanny. 

You should consider the following when thinking about nanny

– how many children you have (volume discounts usually do
not apply to nanny care)?

– how many hours the nanny will work per day/week?

– is there a certain hourly, daily, or weekly rate you want
to set?

– will the nanny work “non-traditional” hours?

– will the nanny be paid daily, weekly, bi-monthly?

– will you pay for “overtime” (additional hours from the
agreed upon level)?

– will you provide the nanny with certain snacks or meals?

– will you also pay for the nanny’s transportation to and
from your home?

– will you pay for late-night or off-hours transportation
for your nanny to get to their home?

– will you give the nanny a “raise” for good performance?

– will you give the nanny a yearly “bonus” for good

Would you ask your Dentist for a discount on a filling?  Of course not.  So, do not try to be “cheap” when it comes to
paying your nanny.  Make sure you are
paying the nanny a fair rate that you can afford. 

Giving your nanny the afternoon off (with pay) or coming
home early and allowing her to leave your home a little early are examples of
little ways you can reward your nanny for her childcare efforts and create
goodwill.  Additionally, by giving her a
few surprise breaks she may be more flexible when you need her to stay later
one evening or work a few additional hours on the weekend. 

If your nanny is doing a great job with your child you
may also want to supplement other rewards as tokens of your appreciation!