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UltimateMama feels that you and your partner should create a “nanny contract” or a
“nanny responsibility code” before hiring your nanny.  First, it will force you to come to an
agreement on exactly what you expect of her. 
Secondly, the contract will give you a chance to put everything in one
place so there are no future debates or arguments about her role.  Thirdly, by reviewing the document or
agreement together as a team you will begin your relationship with your nanny
with a solid foundation.

It is important that you allow her to communicate to you any
questions, concerns, or comments she has regarding the contract and make
alterations if necessary.  Also, make it
clear that you understand that certain unforeseen events may come up and you
will respect her and treat her fairly. 
For instance, if she is normally on time and happens to be late for work
one day due to the subways not running on time let her know that she will not
be penalized as long as she contacts you.

UltimateMama lists some items or terms you may want to include on your nanny

– the date

– your name, address, and phone number(s)

– your child’s name

– the nanny’s name, address, and phone number(s)

– hours and days of week she is expected to work

– pay as well as overtime pay if applicable

– vacation days/personal days/holidays

– emergency contact information

– specific responsibilities

– house rules

– transportation requirements

– your signature/date and the nanny’s signature/date