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UltimateMama encourages your nanny or babysitter candidate to bring a resume and list of references with them to the first nanny interview.  If the nanny candidate does not have a formal resume make sure you ask her for references from the last three (or more) families she worked for as a nanny.  Ask the nanny candidate for specifics such as names, phone numbers, duration of job, and why the job ended.  If the nanny candidate hesitates then you may want to delve into why they are not forthcoming about references. 


If you are considering the candidate then call these references and ask them some questions that you have prepared.  You will find that many families are very open when it comes to the delicate subject of childcare.  Some references may even offer to meet you face to face to answer any questions you may have about the nanny.


Do not interrupt the references when they are speaking.  By allowing them to talk freely you may learn more than you even thought you would.  If something they say is unclear than ask for clarification.  If something they say is unsettling to you then make sure to ask the other references similar questions about the nanny to find out if they give you the same response. 


You may consider asking the family references the following questions: 


– how many children did the nanny watch?

– what were the ages of the children the nanny cared for (when the job began and ended)?

– how many hours and which hours the nanny worked?

– was the nanny punctual?

– describe the nanny’s personality or general mood?

– what was the nanny’s daily routine with the child (children)?

– what are some of the nanny’s positive characteristics or traits?

– what are some of the nanny’s negative characteristics or traits?

– what was the duration of employment?

– is there anything that I should know about the nanny (positive or negative) that I did not ask?

– would you re-hire the nanny?

– would you recommend the nanny for employment?

– why did the job end?


The last question is very important because you will get an idea of who ended the relationship—the nanny or the family.  Some nannies enjoy change and do not stay with the same family for long durations.  Perhaps the family moved to another location and it was no longer convenient for the nanny to commute.  Maybe the children got older and their childcare needs changed.  Of course there could have been an incident that led to the nanny’s departure and uncovering that is critical.