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Recently, your UltimateMama spent a week in Florida.  It is part of the NYC triangle – Manhattan, Hamptons, Florida – that most folks find themselves in during the year.  Anyhow, sunscreen was a big part of UltimateMama’s family vacation, even on cloudy days.  Every morning, after a wonderful Chef UltimateMama made breakfast of fruit, pancakes, turkey bacon, and eggs, the while family would spend fifteen minutes lathering up SPF 30 (or above) sunscreen.  Then, after swimming it would be reapplied.  It was a ritual for UltimateMama’s family.   

UltimateMama is always SHOCKED, STUNNED, MORTIFIED, and ANGERED when she comes across parents or caregivers who regularly fail to put sunscreen on their children. They argue that the kids complain about the sunscreen applications or get it in their eyes.  UltimateMama believes that once it is part of a “routine” your child will stop complaining.  It is like zipping up a jacket or brushing teeth.  You, as the parent, can get your child to accept it if you are consistent.  Consistency is key.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology babies under 6 months of age should be kept out of direct sun and covered with protective clothes. 

If you are worried about your child having an allergic reaction to sunscreen then start by applying a small amount or “patch” on their arm and observing their reaction for the next 24 hours.

Keeping your child’s skin healthy now will benefit them in the long run!

UltimateMama never thought of herself as the type who would ever dress her children as a "mini-me" or like herself.  However, she realizes she is falling into that trap.  After perusing her oldest child's closet this weekend she realized that she was creating a "mini-me" – at least in terms of apparel.  From khaki cords to Patagonia fleece jackets to Speedo bathing suits to Keen footwear, UltimateMama discovered that her daughter's wardrobe matches her own.  Call it yearning for comfort, call it aiming for classic style, but whatever you call it mommy and daughter are twins.

For look alike khaki cords for girls check out Hanna Andersson comfort cords ($16 now from $38).

UltimateMama's children have been in swimming classes since they were babies.  It is never easy to remember everything you need to pack for the pool or beac.  Hopefully, the following list will assist you as you pack for water fun:

– bathing suit for your child (we prefer one-pieces from Target or Speedo that have simple straps)

– bathing suit for you if you are required to join in the fun (UltimateMama likes one-piece suits by Speedo or Nike

– swim caps

- rash guard skirts/UV protection shirts (those by Speedo are great) or cover-ups


- swim diapers for those not yet potty trained (try both disposable and reusable and decide for yourself which is best for your child)

– clothing for after swimming (including diapers or underwear)

– snacks and water for after swimming  

– towels

– waterproof sandals for pool deck, shower, beach

Johnson's Body Wash in a small container for after swimming washing

– goggles (UltimateMama likes Speedo goggles for her whole family)