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This is what UltimateMama fed her children (ages one and three) for dinner:

Three year old: Lemon Sole, Steamed Sweet Potatoes with Smart Balance spread, Broccoli (she didn't eat much of it tonight), applesauce, breadsticks, milk, water 

One year old: Lemon Sole, Steamed Sweet Potatoes, peas, applesauce, thin slice of whole wheat bread, strawberries, milk, water 

UltimateMama loves to make Lemon Sole. Do not be afraid, it is simple!

 Easy Baked Lemon Sole recipe:

Heat oven to 420-425 degrees. Sprinkle olive oil in a large glass baking dish.  Place Lemon Sole on top of the olive oil, Put 6-12 cherry tomatoes halved on top of the fish.  Add 1/4 cup of lemon juice on top of the fish. Bake Lemon Sole for 20-25 minutes (covered in foil if you wish).