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One of UltimateMama's mommy friends who happens to have an older child as well as one the same age as UltimateMama's oldest recently told her something to the effect of "I am not one to give unsolicited advice, however, if a parent wants to change a behavior or implement something new it is up to the parent, not the child, to make that happen".  UltimateMama thought it was brilliant.  Keep this delicious quote in mind when thinking about potty training, implementing a bedtime routine, eating meals at the same time each day, etc.  As long as you, the parent, acts in a consistent manner your child will follow suit! You can make change happen.

UltimateMama feels that you and your partner (and any other adult involved in the potty training process such as a relative, teacher, or childcare provider) must decide together how to proceed with potty training your
child.  In addition, you should have on hand all the necessary potty training supplies which may include:

– potty training seats or seat covers

– a step stool

– potty chairs

– wipes

– several pairs of training pants and/or several pairs of underwear

– extra bed/crib sheets for accidents

– any necessary cleaning supplies

– potty training books for the child

– potty training dolls for the child

– potty training rewards (such as charts, stickers, or
targets for the toilet)

All adults involved in potty training your child should make
potty training a fun milestone as opposed to a stressful experience for your child.  Accidents
will happen and you want all adults involved to reassure your child that they are
acceptable.  You should use a
lot of positive reinforcement and encouragement throughout the potty training
process.  You should not punish your child for accidents.  Aim to keep the experience positive by introducing children’s
books about potty training to your child months before actual potty training begins. 

If you have a creative edge, it is a nice idea
to make a fun and colorful potty training milestone chart with your child.  Using colored cardboard or construction paper
you could create a grid chart to detail the child’s potty
training progress.  The child can stick
their favorite stickers onto the chart when they’ve exemplified success.  

Exhibit.  Below is an example of a basic
potty training chart.  Have your child place stickers each time they successfully go potty!

  Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
1:00 AM              
2:00 AM              
3:00 AM              
4:00 AM              
5:00 AM              
6:00 AM              
7:00 AM              
8:00 AM              
9:00 AM              
10:00 AM              
11:00 AM              
12 NOON              
1:00 PM              
2:00 PM              
3:00 PM              
4:00 PM              
5:00 PM              
6:00 PM              
7:00 PM              
8:00 PM              
9:00 PM              
10:00 PM              
11:00 PM              
12 MIDNIGHT              

One working East Coast parent was thrilled to discover her
nanny’s interest and patience in potty training her young son.  One day after a discussion regarding potty
training with the mother, the nanny took the child to a children’s clothing
store and told him to select a packet of his own big boy underwear.  Then, the nanny hosted a “potty training
party” at their apartment.  She invited a
few other nanny’s and children from their playground and over snacks he proudly
showed everyone his big boy underwear. 
She was able to potty train him in no time by making the experience absolutely
positive and fun.