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Prepare and organize…these are two words that UltimateMama lives by all year long!  UltimateMama offers a few tips on shopping in advance: 

1. Write down what your children, family members or friends express a need for all year long.  Keep a running list of "potential" gifts for birthdays, special occasions, or holidays. When you see an item on sale go ahead and buy it and save it for the right celebration!

2. Do NOT shop for yourself when shopping for others.  This will save you lots of money and prevent you from unnecessary purchases.

3. Shop brick and mortar but compare prices online.  Many times, your local store has an item that you can find cheaper online (even with shipping costs). 

4. Always clip coupons…and take them shopping with you. Do NOT leave coupons at home!  Create an envelope filled with coupons that you keep in your purse, bag, stroller, or car.  Sometimes, UltimateMama has extra coupons that she gives to people waiting in line with her – a nice and appreciated gesture.

5. Create a secret hiding spot or "toy bin" for presents that you buy throughout the year.  When an occasion calls for a gift, hit the secret stash not the stores!

6. Sign up for loyalty cards in order to receive valuable coupons and offers all year long.

7.  Monitor for offers, discounts, coupons, free shipping, etc.