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Posts tagged ‘safe ways to disinfect toys’

UltimateMama hates germs.  Whenever her children get a new toy, book, puzzle, or stuffed animal she tries her best to disinfect the item.  After playdates, she has been known to wipe down all of the toys that the kids played with to rid them of germs.  Trust UltimateMama, wiping down toys is a lot more fun than wiping down a sick child's nose! 

Try to keep your child's toys clean. 

UltimateMama offers up few tips on safe ways to disinfect toys (remember, read all labels first!):

– Stuffed animals:  Read the labels first but many can be washed in the washing machine. Skip the dryer though and just air dry the object.

– Teething rings:  Many teething rings can be washed in the dishwasher on the top rack.  Make sure you read the labels first.

– Board books, wooden puzzles, blocks:  Ultimatemama either uses soap and hot water or disinfecting wipes to wash board books, wooden puzzles, blocks, and other plastic toys that of course do not have batteries.

*** Note:  Some parents swear by disinfecting with bleach. Once, UltimateMama tried to bleach a denim skirt and ended up destroying the skirt's material and her bathroom rug. Alas, UltimateMama has never used bleach again and probably never will! But, if it works for you then go for it!