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UltimateMama has a few ideas for gifts your little ones can give daddy this Valentine’s Day — Monday, February 14th 2011!

– Socks (UltimateMama loves socks from Patagoina)

– Chocolate

– Ties

– Heart boxer shorts

– A homemade book from Scribble Press

– Custom photo gifts

– A handmade coupon book

UltimateMama and her family are sizzlin’ in NYC these days.  With record setting high temperatures in the tri-state region families are searching for ways to BEAT THE HEAT! 

UltimateMama offers up a few ideas for family friendly summer indoor activities:

– Visit your local library and engage in storytime with your children (hey, it is air conditioned and books are free!)

– Go to your local craft store or art studio and paint with the kids.  Or, if you are in NYC visit Scribble Press and create a book or a bookmark!

– Take the family to a museum.  NYC’s Museum of Modern Art or MOMA has a fun Shape Lab that all will enjoy!

– See a play or puppet show.  Manhattan’s Central Park has a wonderful Swedish Cottage complete with a Marionette Theater. Just remember to buy tickets ahead of time!