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Now you all know that UltimateMama loves to get deals on children's items.  However, one must always know when to pass something up.  Something may be a "bargain" for a reason (bad construction, ill-fitting, unfavorable color, etc.) and is not a "deal" at any price.  Just because something is on sale does not mean you must buy it for your child. 

UltimateMama always loves watching Stacy London of TLC's "What Not to Wear" tear apart those who head straight for the sale racks and buy items just because they seem "cheap" in price.  Sometimes, these so-called "bargain" items make those who wear them look "cheap".  

UltimateMama defines a deal as getting something for her child at a steep discount that she would have paid full price for anyway. If you would have never purchased the item at full price then it is not a bargain at any price.

Be careful of the following "bargains" with children's clothing and accessories:

– 2 words:  Dry Clean

– Anything missing buttons

– Anything that needs hemming

– Color fading

– Buying bathing suits for the following year (unless your kids swim all year long you may want to avoid buying bathing suits on summer clearance racks because it is hard to guesstimate your child's size)

– Buying snow boots or sandals for the following year (same issue with estimating shoe size—pretty hard to do)

– Licensed apparel (your son may love Diego now but be over him in three months; same hold true with your daughter and Snow White)