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UltimateMama wants you to eliminate the clutter and say goodbye to a life of disarray!

One thing that UltimateMama does not like is an unorganized home.  There should be no need to start a search effort for a specific toy or outfit if you have your child's belongings properly organized.

Below find a few of UltimateMama's quick tips to make your living space functional:

– Bedrooms:  Do not let toys own your child's bedroom.  UltimateMama advises you to teach your children proper clean-up techniques at an early age.  You can make it fun by singing songs while putting toys away in an orderly manner.  UltimateMama loves The Double Folding Mesh Cubes from The Container Store.  These cubes are terrific for storing stuffed animals, lots of balls, and toys of all shapes and sizes!  The cubes which are available in a variety of colors for $14.99 each also fold flat for simple storage.


UltimateMama likes the Spiral Pop-Up Hamper from Bed, Bath & Beyond. This $14.99 hamper which comes in many great colors features an adjustable carrying strap and a mesh laundry bag.  Your children will be excited to toss their clothes into such a great looking hamper.


– Closets:  UltimateMama believes that if you plan to have another child or intend to pass along baby clothing, blankets, and accessories to a family member or friend then you should store the items properly.  Target offers a set of four clear plastic, 66-qt. ClearView storage boxes from Sterilite for $39.99 that are wonderful for storing baby clothing and supplies.  Even though you can see the contents of the boxes since they are clear, UltimateMama recommends labeling each box with details such as the sizes of the clothing or special items enclosed.  Just wash the clothing, fold it nicely, place it in the storage boxes, and put the boxes on a shelf or on the floor of your closet.

– Bathroom:  UltimateMama raves about the Boon Frog Pad by Boon Inc. for $24.99.  Let the children scoop up their bath toys and rinse them off for storage.  The Boon Frog Pad easily attaches to bathroom walls!  UltimateMama loves the design and functionality!


– Seasonal decorations:  UltimateMama recently discovered ZiplocĀ® Brand Big Bags with the Double Zipper Seal are prefect for organizing holiday decorations.  These bags are perfect for storing your seasonal towels, tablecloths, napkins, and placemats.  Additionally, they can be used for keeping track of your child's holiday art projects and costumes.  These super strong bags are great because you can squeeze them into many spots that boxes would never fit.