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Easy meals for kids – that is the goal!  UltimateMama always likes to add more nutrients to her children's meals. What better way to do just than than to add healthy foods to your recipes.  Sound hard?  Not at all. 

Below are a few of UltimateMama's sneaky foods for kids or food that dissolves as it cooks. Try a few of these "tricks" from the sneaky chef UltimateMama:

– Zucchini:  Finely dice a zucchini and put it into your marinara or spaghetti sauce.  It will not take long before it disappears!  (yellow squash does the trick as well)

– Fuji apples:  Peel, core, and finely dice a fuji apple and put it into your tagine, stew, pasta sauce to add some extra nutrients.  (other apples may do the trick as well)

UltimateMama frequently has out of towners who stay in her apartment and visit with her family.  Mealtime can get a little crazy when you are planning a menu for a family of four plus guests.  Since UltimateMama loves to show off her cooking skills ordering meals for delivery or take-out is often out of the question. 

So, how does UltimateMama feed 4 mouths PLUS?  She prepares, cooks, and freezes meals ahead of time.  From meatballs with marinara sauce to lentil soup to turkey meatloaf to turkey or chicken tagine, UltimateMama freezes and thaws these entrees for all to enjoy.  This way, everyone gets more quality time with the kids!