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UltimateMama loves the idea of creating a group class project at school.  Many schools auction off such projects in school fundraising efforts. 

Below please find a few, fun, easy group projects for your tots:

– Painted Stools or Chairs– Purchase a bare wood step stool at a bare furniture store. When you look at different sizes, make sure the stool could hold enough prints for the class! Paint the stool a cream color or something neutral. Have the teacher or parent helper paint each child's hand or foot a primary or fun color (red, blue, yellow, etc.) and have the kids put their HAND or FEET
prints on the stool.  Use a permanent pen or paint pen and write each student's names under their prints.

– Photo book of the class.  Use an online photo center such as Shutterfly or Kodak and create a photo book of the school year.  Have all parents send in their favorite school-related pictures from the year! 

– Canvas painting.  Buy a large blank canvas at an art supply or craft store and have the students go to town making a
"modern art" project.

– Purchase a plain white ceramic cookie jar (or vase or whatever) and have
the kids decorate it with paint and put their names underneath their
little "paint marks"

– Themed basket — pick a theme like "apples" or "the state you live in" or something and have the kids make items for a gift basket.

UltimateMama realizes that since it is now December many children have been in school for over three months now.  Moreover, these children have made several beautiful art projects — most likely, too many to count!  UlimateMama never likes to throw her children's special creations away but she knows it is impossible to keep evey single drawing, painting, ornament, ceramic tile, etc. 

So, UltimateMama has a tip for you — TAKE PICTURES of your children's art projects!  Snap away and keep the memories for years to come!  You won't feel bad clearing some used construction paper away when you know that you have a permanent copy of the masterpiece right at your fingertips. You can preserve your children's artwork forever!

UltimateMama likes to show appreciation to those who deserve it…especially to those who work with children.  This cute, festive gift basket is easy to make, much appreciated,12-1-09 basket contents
and cost effective!  


– Basket

– Ribbons

– Nice hand lotion or soap (UltimateMama likes Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Soap)

– Pocket tissues

– Small hand sanitizer (Purell in 2 Fl. Oz. works well)

All you have to do is tie a ribbon around the tissues, hand soap and hand sanitizer and put your "present" in a nice basket and your gift is ready to be delivered!  It is a practical and economical way of saying "Happy Holidays and Thank You for Everything"!

12-1-09 Holiday basket