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Posts tagged ‘toddler eating’

UltimateMama has a simple yet effective tip for you that will make your life a lot easier if your trip gets delayed or if you are planning to arrive back home late at night.  Buy organic milk before your trip as it often has a longer expiration date compared to non-organic milk. Also, have a meal in the freezer for your family – pasta sauce, ham, meatloaf, etc.  Additionally, keep some frozen fruit in the freezer for breakfast the next day.  This way, if you arrive to your home too late to hit the grocery store you will be able to get by with a few meals!

You will thank UltimateMama when you arrive home with hungry kids late at night!

UltimateMama, your sneaky chef, has a nice, quick trick for you regarding yogurt…let’s call it UltimateMama’s sneaky yogurt tip.

If your little one only likes flavored yogurt (vanilla, berries, pear, apple, peach, etc.) and you are concerned about the high sugar content there is a way to satisfy both of you.  Just take a small spoonful of the flavored yogurt and mix it with plain yogurt and your little one may not even notice the difference. For added pizazz sprinkle a little cinnamon on top!