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UltimateMama loves to involve her children with the creation of tablescapes, preferably ones that have meaning.  Using shells your children have collected from vacations and placing them into clear glass jars is a nice, inexpensive way to display a souvenir of fun times and create a tranquil setting for your table or countertop.

To do:

1.  After your children have collected various shells in myriad colors, shapes, and sizes, you will want to bleach them in a solution of half bleach and half water (usually without the help of your youngsters).  This way the smell is eliminated (if you don’t smell the odor of your shells immediately, you will if you don’t bleach them).

2. Select a clear glass vase or jar.  UltimateMama found this glass jar with lid below in a thrift shop for $1.  Open vases work well too.

3.  Have your children look at the shells and decide which ones should go into the jar or vase and fill away!

4.  Display your souvenir shell project as a lovely tablescape.

5. Enjoy it every day.