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When she is not hard at work, UltimateMama is always on the go with her kids.  And she loves to treat them to nice restaurant dining experiences once in a while (usually for lunchtime) after one of their excursions to a museum, craft studio, performance, or extracurricular activity.  The bread basket that is often placed in the middle of the table is not only tempting to UltimateMama but also to two little stomachs seated on either side of her when dining.  In order to avoid stuffing faces and filling tummies with breads, UltimateMama usually brings Vermont Village Organic Applesauce with her so her kids can happily enjoy their “appetizer” before their meal arrives.  This way, the kids are not climbing the walls out of hunger or eating too many carbs before mealtime.  And they are getting some great nutrients while waiting for their main course to arrive!  Not to mention two little containers of applesauce easily fit in UltimateMama’s purse.